Aquajet Services, LLC. is a small waterjet cutting and fabricating shop with a wide range of capabilities. The shop is located near Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Our company offers design services, waterjet cutting, CNC press brake and roll-forming capabilities, and MIG and TIG welding. We challenge ourselves to provide creative service, fast turnaround time, and high-quality work.

Our Customers

Our primary clientele is machine shops. They utilize our fabricating capabilities and the accuracy of the waterjet. (≈ +/- 0.002”) We also work for artists, concrete precasters, flooring companies, glass shops, R&D shops, fire departments, farmers, etc. Because the waterjet can cut almost anything, our clientele is almost as diverse as our work.

Flow WaterJet

From Concept To Completion...

Our forte is finding creative solutions for our customers needs. This includes cutting and manufacturing high quality parts quickly.